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Nalala Tree Foundation

Nalala Trees Foundation is a community-based organization CBO for Maasai indigenous pastoralist communities based in Narok and Kajiado Counties respectively, that partners with institutions, school clubs and community groups to do research, and identify which tree species does well in what region in order to enhance survival after tree planting, and also avail civic education on environmental conservation on tree planting with the aim of increasing forest cover , create more habitat for wild life, increase food productivity, and improve economical means through agroforestry.

About Info

we are dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability and fostering a greener future for all. Our organization is driven by a passionate mission to create positive change through tree planting, climate change education, and advocacy for environmental conservation.

Our Mission

To mobilize institutions and community groups to plant tree seedlings to improve forest cover for a conducive ecosystem to cub climate change.

Our Vision

To provide civic education advocating for climate change.

What we do

What we do to protect environment

Raising awareness about the importance of environmental conservation.

Encouraging and facilitating tree planting initiatives.

Educating communities on climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.

Collaborating with government agencies, CBOs, and other stakeholders to implement environmentally sustainable practices.


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Tree Planting Initiatives
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Protect Environments

Donations can directly fund tree planting projects, allowing the organization to purchase seedlings, equipment, and supplies needed for planting sessions. With financial support,NALALA TREE FOUNDATION can expand their reforestation efforts and restore degraded ecosystems, contributing to carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation.

Climate Change Education:
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Donations can support the development and implementation of educational outreach programs on climate change, environmental conservation, and sustainable practices. Funding can be used to create educational materials, organize workshops, and conduct community awareness campaigns, empowering individuals with knowledge and skills to become environmental stewards.

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Protect Environments

Donations can be allocated towards establishing recycling infrastructure such as collection centers, sorting facilities, and recycling bins in communities. Funding can also support the implementation of recycling programs, including awareness campaigns to educate individuals on the importance of recycling and proper waste segregation practices


Here are achievements that have be attained through various initiatives implemented:

Trees Planted

3600 +

Funds Collected

5000 $

Persons Educated

713 +

Total Days of Help

487 +
Recent Causes

The environment needs our protection

Here are some recent causes and upcoming projects that NALALA TREE FOUNDATION plan to implement.


Tree Planting Campaign:

Nalala is organizing a large-scale tree planting campaign aimed at reforesting degraded areas and increasing green cover in Kilgoris County. Thousands of trees will be planted, contributing to biodiversity conservation.

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Community Empowerment Initiatives:

This includes training sessions on organic farming, beekeeping, and eco-tourism, empowering local communities to generate income while promoting environmental conservation and biodiversity protection.

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Establishment of Tree Nursery:

The organization plans to establish a tree nursery to propagate indigenous tree species for use in tree planting initiatives. This nursery will serve as a hub for nurturing seedlings, providing training on tree care, and supplying saplings to community members.

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Renewable Energy Project:

In line with its commitment to sustainable development,the organization aims to install solar panels, biogas digesters, to improve access to reliable and affordable energy sources while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Upcoming Events

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Michael Makui Nkirrimpai

Director Kajiado county

Kerumpuoti Ole Sanders

Narok county Director

Santiyian Edith

C.E.O for Nalala

Benson Kimingiri

Project Manager

Management Details

Meet Nalala Tree Foundation Volunteer Management Team.

Nalala Tree Foundation is governed by a Team of philanthropic volunteers who have taken very important roles that assist in running different projects.

We are friendly to each other.

If you join with us,We will give you free training.

Its an opportunity to help poor Environments.

No goal requirements.

Joining is tottaly free. We dont need any money from you.

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Our Partners

List of Partners who have Worked with Nalala in recent Initiatives

Jumuiya Women Fund

Provides funds to women led organization like us to implement projects on climate change resilience mechanisms and capacity building


They donate seeds and seedlings and civic education on tree maintenance. Sometimes they assist the organization on tree research and trainings.


Partnerships for youths mentorship program on climate change. They offer mentorship and address climate change issues through indepth trainings.

Schools Narok County

  • Shartuka High school
  • Shartuka girls secondary
  • Ole Nkoloto primary school
  • Maasai Mara mixed secondary-school

Schools Kajiado County

  • Kitengela prison primary school
  • DeMarc Girls Secondary School
  • Nkiito mixed secondary
  • Korompoi primary school


Training of community women and organization Capacity building on tree nurseries mantainance. Also train on climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Oloisukut Conservancies

Climate sensitization in the commities on climate change and importance of environmental conservation.

SDI kenya

Donated around 2000 US dollars for establishment of tree nursery in Kiligoris. The Project served the schools around and the community members of kilgoris.